Tuesday, September 20, 2011

MR. and MS. IECEP - EMMSC 2011

Institute of Electronics Engineers of the Philippines is a duly accredited 
organization of Electronics Engineering students from Metro Manila, Bulacan & Rizal.
The IECEP annually holds the 'IECEP festival' to showcase the talents, brainiac abilities
& beauties of its members.

For the Mr. & Ms IECEP 2011, Julio Paulo Evina & Azter Padran will be
representing our sintang paaralan, Polytechnic University of the Philippines.

They need our help. Online votes = 30% of the criteria. So, fellow PUPians & Friends
vote now!!

We know the process, don't we?

First Like IECEP's page HERE

Now Like Julio's HERE
             & Azter's HERE

It's so easy to like. Right? Spread this to your friends. & let 'em Like! Like!

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