Monday, September 19, 2011


Oh My God! I was not able to watch "The Most Prestigious, The Most Gorgeous,
The Most Mysterious, The Most Ambitious & The Fastest Pageant" or the EB Universe 2011
 as they call this super funny segment in Eat Bulaga so i searched for it.

It's like a spoof, no it's a spoof of the 5 finalists in Miss Universe 2011.

Michelle O Bombshell a.k.a Basilia Crispina Stefanko (Miss Lukraine)

Ate Gay a.k.a Li Jung Kai (Miss Pa-China)

Petite a.k.a. Brazil Valdez (Miss Sobra-zil)

Paolo Ballesteros a.k.a. Shamcey Mwah Mwah Tsup Tsup (Miss Philippines)

Allan K a.k.a. Sarah of Angola, Saranggola (Miss Pangola)

Let's enjoy!

For the Introduction.

For the Q&A part

THIS IS ONLY in PH! CHEERS to Eat Bulaga!

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