Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Sagala/Flores De Mayo- The Gay Version

It has been a tradition in the Philippines way back nineteen copong copong. The procession in honor of Christ and Mother Mary is held in so many parts in the country. This festival is celebrated every May but most of the Filipinos celebrate it on the 4th.

I'm not sure if we're the only country celebrating Flores De Mayo but the Gay Version of it? I think it's Only in PH.

Last Night, we went to Marikina City to witness the Gay Flores De Mayo. We waited for almost 1 and a half hour. The feminista sagalas didn't fail us, some did. You can't really distinguish if they are gay or not. They really look like a real woman, lady or whatever you call it.

Regarding the photos, my cp was not cooperative. I can't even find a good spot last night so the pics are kinda blurry. Here are some pics

She looks like my classmate. I won't tell her name. (baka ma offend) but she's pretty

Very Lady Gaga!


She's pretty. (in person)

She's the Reyna Elena. The pic's blurry but to give you a clear view of her in your imagination, she looks like "Congrats", the Willing Willie Dancer. 

Unlike the other Sagalas, these gays really would stop and pose for the camera.

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