Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Forbidden Love- A Sonnet

Forbidden Love- A Sonnet
This is my sonnet made way back 2003. That was not so long ago tho. I can't think of a good topic and the hell why did i come up with this.

My teacher commented at the back of my work. "Excellent! Your work is simple yet it projects an aura of mystery. =) Nice job! 3 stamps for you." Yes, stamps. We were given stamps for additional points. Haha. I miss high school!

The text is not clear so i'll just write it here. K.

"There are times that i want to give up
I tried all of my best but I fail
I'd rather run a lap
Than waiting for your mail

But this couldn't happen
I can't explain my feelings for you
I can wait 'til the season of lent
For you to love me at the morning dew

I thought that your love is true
But it was only a mockery
Like a coffee brew
That tastes like a perished strawberry

Although this love cannot be forgotten
Continuing this feeling is forbidden"

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