Tuesday, May 03, 2011

CBCP- demonized?

It all started with this HOUSE BILL NO. 5043 o mas kilala bilang Reproductive Health Bill (RH Bill)

Read the whole Bill by clicking the link


By the Parish Priest in Baguio City
"Kung meron nakikimisa dito pero Pro-RH Bill...Please. Go out. It's useless."
"Ang ganda-gandang babae niya...pero ang pangit-pangit ng stand niya".

After that Baguio City incident, Pro RH Bill supporters are being called by a bishop as TERRORISTS.

It's not right to call RH Bill supporters like that. Back then, the Catholic church has records of criminal cases like that of lasciviousness acts, killings in medieval time and more. Who's more of a terrorist?

ONLY in PH talaga!
----> You a Pro or Anti?

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