Monday, August 15, 2011

Globe Lumpia House

I only heard this Lumpia house from my foodie friends. There are so many positive
feedbacks for that Lumpiang Sariwa that can only be found in the store in the heart
of Quiapo- Globe Lumpia House.

The store is so small that it can only accommodate 10-15 people and whose walls
are messed with pictures of local celebrities (e.g. Charlene Gonzales-Muhlach,
Susan Enriquez, Eagle Riggs and more)

What makes the Globe Lumpia House's Lumpia different?

The ingredients are all fresh and you can even watch them prepare it at the store's
entrance. It has the best spicy garlic taste that gives it a sharp taste that best blends
with the sauce. And more importantly, the Lumpia is priced at 16 pesos only.

    store's entrance

      those black substance there gives the Lumpia the
                         spicy garlic taste..

Globe Lumpia House don't have any other branch that's why you'll notice the signage
inside their store- "NO BRANCH".

So, the next time you roam around Quiapo, don't forget to visit Globe Lumpia House.

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