Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My Sexy Revolution Starts Now

New Year’s resolutions really didn’t work for me. Going on a diet always tops my list but it 
has always been a big big failure to me. Worse thing is instead of losing, I even gained more 
weight and that I am giving bad credits to holiday foods.

Figuring out how to slim down has become a source of endless conjecture. Book upon book 
shouts one answer or another: low fat or high-protein diets and regimens of drugs.

I just told myself that I really need to shift a couple of pounds.
Just the holy week of this year, I tried going on “fasting” mode. No rice meal for 3 days just 
water, fruits, vegetables and of course exercise. It quickly became my second nature.

I do exercises like sit-ups, push-ups etc. but brisk walking is the prevalent thing.
The best time of the day to exercise is when you can do it and the best exercise is the one you 
like doing and can do regularly.

Aside from the fact that everyone already knows how to do it, the reason experts support brisk 
walking is that it works. Of course, brisk walking does not give you the license to eat with abandon. 
If you are not willing to pay any attention to what you eat, you won’t lose weight.

My diet program really worked for me. I was 215.6 lbs before I started my diet program, and now 
I’m 184.8 lbs. That is 30.8 lbs in just 1 and ¾ months dude! Whooping!

Exercise helped me lose pounds but left me with visible problems. My diet worked but still 
there are fat in stubborn areas that can’t seem to go away no matter what exercise I do which 
is daunting. My beer belly is still there with stretch marks. My arms’ skin is loose after losing 
weight and it also has stretch marks. I want to melt the fats that never seems to come off, 
tighten my skin and tone my muscles. I also want to ask advice from experts.

It isn't cool

I know someone who can help me with my problems, she is Sexy Solutions.

Sexy Solutions is a non-invasive fat reduction clinic that has machines 
that can (1) MELT FAT in stubborn places (2) TIGHTEN LOOSE SKIN and (3) TONE MUSCLE.

For aspiring exercisers, start your diet program by taking 10, 000 steps a day. Eat breakfast without 
fail and never ever skip meals. Savour each bite and do not eat while doing something else. Keep a 
sense of humour, get most of your calories before noon and of course get expert’s advice from Sexy Solutions.

Finally, in order for you to achieve the healthier and thinner you, you have to love what you are doing. 
For me, walking is fundamental. It’s like brushing my teeth, drinking water and all that. I just love 

The walks are interesting in themselves because you go through different parts of the community. 
I am literally taking some steps everyday to improve my health. And you know, you see a whole lot 
more of life when you are walking.

For more information about Sexy Solutions, visit www.sexysolutions.com.ph


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