Thursday, January 19, 2012

World's Top 10 Friendliest Countries

List of the World's Top 10 Friendliest Countries according to Forbes. And YEY!
Philippines is in the top 10 list! PH is on the 8th spot. #ItsMoreFunInThePhilippines

"To determine which were the friendliest, Forbes isolated the results in four categories: ability to 
befriend locals, success in learning the local language, capacity for integrating themselves into the
community, and ease in which they fit into the new culture. All play into the ability of expats to 
create a new support structure, which New York-based expat coach Heather Markel says is 
among the biggest challenges when relocating." -forbes.com

10. Malaysia

9. Spain

8. Philippines

7. United Kingdom

6. Turkey

5. United States

4. Canada

3. South Africa

2. Australia

1. New Zealand

Photos from forbes.com

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