Monday, January 30, 2012

A Day With The Supermodel Danica Magpantay

Supermodel (n.) refers to a highly-paid fashion model who usually has a worldwide reputation and
often a background in haute couture and commercial modeling. The term became prominent in the
popular culture of the 1980s.

Last January 22, 2011, Danica Magpantay, daughter of the former supermodel Lala Flores won
the Supermodel Title of the World in New York City. Danica bested more than 70 other candidates
all over the globe in the Ford Modelling Contest. Ford Models Supermodel of the World is the largest and most prestigious international modeling competition.

I did a little research about Danica.
Danica was born on January 26, 1993. She's 5'9" in height and weighs 109 lbs.
Her parents are Lala Flores, former supermodel of the world, & Pogs Magpantay.

#DanicaSpotted in 1994

Since then, Danica loves the camera and likewise the camera loves Danica. How lovely!

For everybody's information Danica is a UP Fine Arts student. How nice is that? You have the body,
the looks and brains! You must be superwoman. :) Here are some photos of her before the Ford 
competition in New York City.

#DanicaSpotted in UP Lantern Parade 

#DanicaSpotted how young-at-heart Danica is

Danica looks so simple and young before her competition in the Ford Modelling Contest.
Have you seen her during the competition? Here are some photos.

#DanicaSpotted with bouquet of flowers & certificate of recognition 
as the Ford Supermodel of the World 2010

#DanicaSpotted @ Ford's Apartment with other models

#DanicaSpotted @ NY newspaper

#DanicaSpotted posing for David Urbanke

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I heard from my friend that Danica celebrated her 18th birthday
away from her family? Uh-oh! That's sad but hey, she won the Supermodel Title so why sad? :D

#DanicaSpotted in her room on her 18th Birthday! Yeeey!

I just remember this, when @iamsuperbianca tweeted that Danica just won the title, I was really
happy because that's another reason for us Filipinos to celebrate! Isn't it?

When Danica came back here in the Philippines, many congratulated her. Some even made
congratulatory board to show that they're proud of Danica.
#DanicaSpotted on her Congratulatory Board in Orani Bataan!

Lots of projects came in like her new TVC as the new Tattoo@Home Ambassador.
Click HERE for the video.

I'm so proud of Danica, even if we she doesn't know me, because she is humble & grounded.
She's also not snobbish. She even responds to my tweets!
#DanicaSpotted on twitter

More photoshoots Danica!!! We love what you're doing!

#DanicaSpotted at Allure Section of Phil Star on Nov 27

#DanicaSpotted at Allure Section of Phil Star on Nov 27

#DanicaSpotted at Allure Section of Phil Star on Dec 11, 2011

#DanicaSpotted at Allure Section of Phil Star on Dec 11, 2011

#DanicaSpotted at Elite Traveler Magazine Asia Edition Issue Cover

#DanicaSpotted in Runway Productions

#DanicaSpotted in her twitter, tumblr & fb accounts

Danica has proven a lot. That's why my friends also want to be a supermodel
someday. They admire Danica so much so i asked them if they can pose just like Danica. Of course,
it won't be complete if they don't wear a "Danica Mask". So here are some photos of the Danica

#DanicaSpotted in my desk as a "mask"

#DanicaSpotted in the carpark in Danica wanna-be's' Ford Everest!

Danica wanna-be's wearing the Danica mask. How cute!! :>

I've been spotting Danica since January 23. Luckily, I spotted her at Oxygen's Boutique in
Glorietta 3! We had fun because she is so witty in answering some of our questions & she has sense
of humor.

#DanicaSpotted shopping @ Glorietta

Danica watching herself on the screen

paparazzi shots

photo op with the Supermodel Danica Magpantay!!!

chit chatting w/ the Supermodel

fansigns! Yey!

Oh! Who's the original Danica? :)

Danica is so simple in person. Jerome, Clarizza & I admire her simplicity. And she is
marunong makisama to commoners like us.

Thank you Danica for giving us some of your time. We had fun!!
Such a beautiful person inside & out! You truly exhibit the real Pinay beauty!



  1. Ang stalker mo Pilipinas Watcher!

    1. Hehe. Me & my friends just wanna see & meet her. Thank God she's so mabait & approachable. She's so simple! Walang ere! Yan ang supermodel! :)

  2. Super high fashion! I love her! Close po kayo ni Danica?

    1. Ay hindi po. I'm just a fan!! Super approachable lang talaga siya! Hehe

  3. swerte mo naman po. i wanna meet her someday. sana pumunta sya sa MOA

  4. ..pilipinaswatcher sana hiningi niyo rin ako ng fan sign haha..::)))i wish i was there too:(((--upo..like like like

    1. HAHA. Akala ko kung sinong UPO ka! HAHA. Sayang di ka sumama eh!

    2. kilala din kitang upo ka!!haha..super late kung magreact..haha..


  5. Like like like...
    dapat pala sumama ako...haha


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