Thursday, December 15, 2011

Pls Help Lola Cevera Abuan

Lola Cevera's frail body having difficulty pushing her cart
“Lola Cevera Abuan” is a 100 year old woman who was pushing her cart along Greenmeadows
Avenue at half past 12 noon today. I passed by her already and could see how frail her body was
 from my rear view mirror that I just had to go back and give her my lunch. So, I made a U-turn,
 parked my car and went down to talk to her. I asked her what she was doing there and where
she was headed. She responded in a little tagalog saying “namamalimos po ako”(asking for alms)
 but she started speaking in Ilocano so it was difficult for me to understand her and aside from this,
she has a hearing problem. I just handed her my food, gave a little amount to hold on to and made
 a gesture for her to eat. Then she asked if it was 12:00 noon already so I just nodded and told her
 to eat. I was both sad and happy to talk to her. Sad because this woman should be cared for at this
 age(She reminded me of my mom who was Ilocana whom I called right after I got home and told her
 about Lola Cevera. I was telling my mom should move more and continue her therapy so she would
 reach 100 years old..hehe) ...And I was also happy, because I saw her face light up the moment I
 gave her something, she kept on thanking me. I am just worried for Lola Cevera cos I found out she
 crosses C5 everyday. I don’t want her to be sideswiped or be a hit and run victim. Family and friends,
 I still would like to help Lola Cevera so I would like to ask a bit of favor from you.

I hope this will reach “Ms. Vicky Morales of Wish Ko lang” and grant Lola Cevera something to help
 her get by, without having to walk several kilometers to ask for alms. I would be so grateful to all of
 you who will do Lola Cevera the favor of posting/sharing this on your wall. Thank you so much for
your compassion and God bless us all.

P.S. To Ms. Vicky Morales, I hope you can help Lola Cevera. I was able to pick up from her that
she stays in San Roque St. in Bagumbayan along Industria. Thank you so much and more power to
 your show.

By: Rachel Sazon-Reyes via Facebook


  1. Thank you for sharing this. Sana marami pang mga tao na kagaya mo. At sana eh, matulongan xa ng Wish ko Lang..

  2. Happy coz inspite of her age she can still manage to live by her own. Sad bcoz wer r the family that shud take care of her? Thanks for giving time and lunch for lola. Hoping it wud reach those people who cud really help her a lot. God bless you!!

  3. Ms.Rachel,kulang ang salitang salamat! salamat at isa ka sa nakapansin sa lola ko!siguro sa iba masasabi na wala bang pamilya o nasan ang pamilya nya bkit sya pinapabayaan at the age of 99.? sa lahat po ng fllower ng FB at nkapansin ky lola hindi po namin gusto na lagi syang nasadaan at ng hihingi ng limos,kung kmi lng po ang masusunod ay ayaw n nmin syang pyagan,kaso sadyang ayaw nya magpapigil,nang minsan nmin syang pinigilin at sinira ang kariton,sya po ay nanghina at d n tumatayu s kanyang higaan,kaya nagdisisyon kmi n gumawa ulit ng panibagong kariton,at ng maayus nmin ang knyang kariton biglang nanumbalik at lumakas ulit ang knyang pangangakatawan.ms.chel,hope 1 of this day magkakilala tyo in person,para makapagpslamat ako sayo,again thanks a lot n god bless u n your family.

  4. Let's thank Ms. Rachel. She's an inspiration. :)

  5. one good samaritan do a favor for a helpless lola cevera, we're so grateful and thankful for you ms. rachel, may God bless you and your family, and hoping our government will look unto it and give care to save lola Cevera.

  6. i really admired rachel with a golden heart i hope it will be the first move for all of us to give attention to all of our elderly here in our country,and to rachel a very inspiring individual like you thank you very much and GOD BLESS..


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