Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Lola Aurelia, Lola Ineng & Lolo Marcelo


Lola Aurelia
    Lola Aurelia Matias, who put the picture of his husband Lolo Luis at her back, finally reunited
with his husband on November 22. I thought the love story of this two only happens in books, drama
series and the like but they prove that it can happen in real life. Everlasting love indeed.

Just like Lola Aurelia, Lola Ineng & Lolo Marcelo want to be reunited with their families.

Lola Ineng
     Lola Ineng is from Samar. She wants to be with her family. She is now currently at
Brgy. East Rembo, Makati City. I seriously, don't know much about her. I just want to help
spread her photo hoping that her family in Samar will see it.

Lolo Marcelo
     The same way with Lolo Marcelo. I don't know the details about him. I don't know where
he is right now but I'm praying he's in good hands. Let's help them find their families.

Social Media Help!
     I know, with the help of various Social Media platforms, they will be able to see their
families again. If you're reading this right now, I hope you'll give a little time in re-posting their photos
in your accounts (fb, twitter, blogs).

May God Bless The Works Of Your Hands. :>

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