Wednesday, December 07, 2011

All of a Sudden--Pizza.

EATING...(The Reunion)
     Let's eat!
     After our first bite, I talked to my closest friend Clarizza. She's now a famous interior designer who by the way designed my condo unit at Serendra and my building at Libis. Sitting next to her is Kaye. She owns a boutique and she already have her own clothing line. Kaye's bestfriend is Marionne who happened to be a band vocalist slash singer-artist performing at the internationals. Great huh! Her friend is Franz, a professor in a famous university here in the metro. (Seriously, i am thinking there's something between them. ha-ha) Beside me is Leoure, an MVP before and now the coach of the Philippine's Men Volleyball Team competing in the Olympics. With him is Innah, a famous animator at Pixar. I was mesmerized when I saw her name one time at the end of a movie. I just forgot the movie title. Anyways, Innah's closest friend is Belle. She's now a choreographer and a member of the famous B-Force dance group working at BBM network. By the way I am Brian Brown McAdams, the owner of the BBM network. I am very glad to know that my college buddies are now professionals. Yikees!

Reality Bites...PIZZA!
     And then, I noticed my pizza is gone.
     "Hey Brian, wake up!", As a friend of mine slapped my shoulders.
     "What's happening to you?"
     I just told them, "I went to dreamland."
     "Because of this slice of pizza! Even if it is just a slice, a large impact happened. It is like a dream come true! It would be better if I have with me a DSLR camera to take photos of our lives in that dreamland. I can not explain the feeling I felt, and the experience I had while eating. And it is all because of this Tuscani Roast Beef. And then I realized, it's all I ever wanted. My dreams came true, when I found you--Pizza Hut!"
Tuscani Roast Beef--A dream came true!

     It was made of PREMIUM, a word that can be a noun meaning prize or reward for our hardships as students, ECE students, ROAST BEEF, the kind of beef i am craving for, which is so tender to chew that represents us, and SHIITAKE MUSHROOMS, the topping that adds flavor for enjoyable eating, like PIZZA HUT, a restaurant that adds happiness for enjoyable life COMBINED especially when we are together... WITH CHEDDAR AND MOZZARELLA CHEESES that are so yummy AND PREMIUM TOMATO SAUCE, a preparation usually liquid or soft made of fresh tomatoes added to pizza slices, healthy right? DRIZZLED means to pour in small drops like rain, what a lovely scene when raining while eating pizza WITH GARLIC STEAK SAUCE, another delightful add-on equals a mouth-watering meal, summed it up with a BOTTOMLESS RED ICED TEA with sharing unending and incomparable  happiness with friends. It's the life...Oh! TUSCANI ROAST BEEF
The experience I've had with my buddies can't be solved by any earthly equation that we usually encounter in our daily lives as ECE students. The captured photos in my memory/dreamland will forever be treasured and it's all because of PIZZA HUT's TUSCANI ROAST BEEF!

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  1. Oh wow... you've got amazingly successful pals right there. I wish every Filipino graduate had equal opportunities to achieve that kind of success. For some people though, the road up is just a little bit harder than normal. Oh well, that's life :)


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