Wednesday, July 13, 2011

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The moon and the stars are left in the sky
and darkness comes as I close my eyes
A new picture, a new view, a new world is in front of me
Everything is different and my vision is blurry
I see things full of wonder and mystery
As thoughts came out of my head flying all around me
There were eggs, meat, bread
cheese, lettuce and a tomato that said,

"We are the happiness you seek.
We satisfy the hunger that made you weak".

By: Norbert Briones
Test yourself!

1. What kind of rocks are in the bottom of Pasig River?

2. Who am i?
     I start with letter "E" and ends in letter "E". I contain only one letter yet 
I am not the letter "E".

3. Who am i?
     Nothing inside. Nothing outside at least you can see. I am light as a 
feather yet ten men can't lift me.

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