Friday, July 01, 2011

Keeper's Club International (KCI)

Keeper's Club International (KCI), a non-sectarian youth organization, offers a variety of activities and assistance to keep the attention of our young people away from drugs and vices and other related actions. Specifically, KCI activities include the following:

  • Music Lesson
  • Sports fest
  • Literary Activities
  • Tree planting and Clean-up Activities
  • Seminars
  • Livelihood trainings
  • Counselling and fellowships
  • Youth Rally and Youth Camp
  • Youth Activities Seminars
Tomorrow, July 2, KCI will conduct a Conference to SK Chairmans and Student Leaders from 1PM-5PMat SND Grill, 201 SAUYO ROAD, NOVALICHES, QUEZON CITY (near marian school) in which youth leaders can have an interchange of ideas and hopefully develop friendship and team ups.

Also, the chairman of the National Youth Commission will be one of the speakers in the event. The event tomorrow will be covered by the traditional media and some bloggers. Don't miss this chance to meet and greet student leaders from all around the metro and near provinces.

Thank You Chelyn Torejas, KCI Head Officer, for the info!
Click the picture to visit their FB page.
                        Generation Keepers'

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