Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Twitter Introduces Follow Button

Your Share-It-to-Social Networking sites widgets are not working?
Can't seem to find a good and working and fast share-it widget in the web?

Worry no more as Twitter reveals their newest innovatiton.


Twitter introduced the Follow Button, a snippet of code that can be placed on any Website that allows readers logged into Twitter to click and follow instantly.

Before a user to "follow", he/she must be logged in to twitter. Users who are not logged into Twitter still have to log in before the new accountis added to their subscription list. The button doesn’t yet work in SSL though the company says it’s investigating making that possible. When the button has trouble rendering, it appears to default to text. 

This follow button can really boost your followers and network. The followers can easily retweet your tweets and they can easily keep-in-touch with the user.

So add this Follow Button right away. Get your lives in order!

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