Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Green Lantern

Atlast! I saw the movie and i can say that it's worth the long wait after the release of its trailer.

In this film publicity image released by Warner Bros  Pictures

This film is a bit different from any other superhero-saving-people-from-bad-guys
 movie when talking about violence. The villain here, Sinestro, uses violence to intimidate
 people, kill people and even his allies if he thinks that they are not useful anymore.
 He even convinced himself as he has the power to rule the universe without knowing
 that the Green Lantern corps refused to yield with his plans.

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Animated actions are good. The part when Sinestro's torturing and killing people
 for his extremely wicked schemes caught my attention. It's not the typical killings
 of a villain. The scenes were moving as if it's for real. There were too much bloodshed
whenever someone dies!

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At the end of the story, the Green Lantern Corps was able to maintain peace
throughout the cosmos with their teamwork and courage even though at some
point it seems that all is lost and can never regain the glory.

P.S. This movie is too much for younger viewers. Let 'em watch Kung Fu Panda2
instead. :p

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